Shrimp Boat Projects announces an open invitation to join its daily shrimping expeditions into Galveston Bay. Artists of all disciplines – plus others interested – are welcome to participate and become a part of the Shrimp Boat Projects Regional Artist Exchange program.

Participants will spend one or more days working on Galveston Bay aboard a shrimp boat. They will be provided with a bunk for sleeping on the boat, if desired, and prepared meals from the catch. Those who participate in these expeditions will be invited to submit proposals for the next phase of the Regional Artist Exchange – a year of commissioned, site-specific projects around the Galveston Bay region that are generated by the experience of shrimping. These projects will then be considered for a subsequent major public exhibition and publication in 2013.

To participate in Shrimp Boat Projects
To sign up for a shrimping expedition, please submit an email to with your name, address, contact information, a brief bio, and your preferred dates for participation. Attach to that email a brief statement, no more than one page, that outlines your interest in participating in the project. Artists based in the Gulf Coast region or whose work is closely tied to the region are especially encouraged to participate.

Due Dates
June 1st – Open Call responses due for Summer participation (June 15 – September 15)
August 15th – Open Call responses due for Fall participation (September 15 – November 15)