Karen Stokes

Karen Stokes

Since 1988 Karen Stokes has choreographed original dance theater and performed internationally with the likes of David Gordon, Larry Clark, and Stephan Koplowitz. She has choreographed over 45 original works in the contemporary genre, which have been performed nationally to critical acclaim. Her contemporary dance work often incorporates original vocal scores and she has composed over 18 original vocal scores for her dances. Her work emphasizes quirky movement invention, strong rhythmic connections, text, and original vocals. In the last three years, Stokes has branched out into creating video projection as an integrated part of her theatrical productions.

Stokes has a BFA from Ohio State University, an MFA from UCLA, and is a graduate of the High School for Performing & Visual Arts. She has served on the faculty at Connecticut College and at Kent State University. She is co-founder of Big Range Dance Festival as well as Travesty Dance Group. In 2003, Stokes received the University of Houston Teaching Award in Distance Education & an Association for Continuing Higher Education Award for her innovative on-line course Aesthetics of 20th Century Choreography and in 2008 received the Ross M. Lence Performing Arts teaching award at the University of Houston.

Karen Stokes is Professor and Head of the Dance Division in the School of Theatre & Dance at the University of Houston.

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