May 6, 2013

Tier One Comics

The Graphic Novel Workshop with professor Mat Johnson, offered every other spring through the Mitchell Center and the UH Creative Writing Program, is an introduction and exploration of modern graphic storytelling including critical examination and workshops of original creative work within the form. With a focus on the medium and tools of graphic storytelling, its recurring themes and genres, and their relationship with modern storytelling, students have an opportunity to work across disciplinary lines in an art form that is establishing itself as an important new genre.

Tier One Comics presents the comic book art of university student writers and artists in collaboration with local illustrators.The results of this collaboration will be on display for one night only and available to the public, along with hangings of their original art.

Students: Olga Feliciano, Will Wilkinson, Dickson Lam, Zachary Martin, Thomas Frey, Laura Fletcher, Diego Vicent, Sebastian Montes, and Bryan Owens.

In collaboration with Alex Riegel, Maria-Elisa Heg, AnnaMaria Bryant, Ted Closson, Jarrod Perez, and Brett Owens.

LOCATION: Alabama Song, 2521 Oakdale
PARKING: Street parking available