Performed by Two Star Symphony
September 21, 7:30pm

photo credit: Antti Ahonen

A live audiovisual spectacle in which the music and imagery literally “come from the heart,” Heart Chamber Orchestra is performed by twelve musicians from Houston-based Two Star Symphony wearing electrocardiogram sensors that render the musical score and visual environment in real time. Taking the structure of a symphony as its framework, Heart Chamber Orchestra contains four movements, and is performed on traditional instruments. The interplay of audio and video allows for a synesthetic experience, in which the heartbeats of the musicians and their relation to each other become audible and visible.

Heart Chamber Orchestra is the creation of guest artists TERMINALBEACH, a collaborative team comprised of PURE (Vienna/Berlin) and BERGER (Helsinki).

Heart Chamber Orchestra is curated by Bree Edwards and is part of Aurora Picture Show‘s 2012 Media Archeology Festival: Real Time.

LOCATION: Barnevelder Movement/Arts Center, 2201 Preston
ADMISSION: Aurora Picture Show members and students $10, non-members $15, click here