December 6, 2012

A culminating event of the fall semester, The Long Poem of Walking offers the public a chance to view projects created by students in the Mitchell Center’s Collaboration Among the Arts class. Under the guidance of professors Gabriel Martinez and Kelly Sears, students have developed a collaborative film, book, and installation that explores the commonwealth and the city through a fractured narrative.

The three works tell parts of a meta-story of a missing woman.  The narrative is formed by readings of urban studies texts, fiction and art theory.  The images are collected student’s dérives around the city of Houston. The Long Poem of Walking has been conceived, filmed, edited, scored, authored, designed, and installed by:
Daniela Antelo
John Carrillo
Brenda Cruz
Gabriela Duarte
Maria Garcia
Danny Garska
Lauren Moya Ford
Jonna Flores
Madison Mcburney
Vincent Nguyen
Voltaire Paredes
Natasha Pellum
James Radcliff
Lillith Rodriguez
Hilary Scullane
Nikki Thonton
Teresa Vicinanza
Arnea Williams

LOCATION: 2521 Oakdale