The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts is the ampersand through which the five internationally recognized arts programs based at the University of Houston connect and communicate. The Mitchell Center puts artistic disciplines into dynamic conversation with each other and provides a platform for the resultant projects projects that seek to transcend and redefine the individual disciplines and produce work that is wholly new.

At the Mitchell Center, we hand-pollinate adventurous artistic hybrids. We put memoirists and dancers in the same room. Sculptors and actors. Poets and cellists. Choreographers and architects. We stimulate exchanges amongst artists, developing new breeds of genre-busting artistic expression and audience experience in the process.

Using the flourish and connective magic of the ampersand, the Mitchell Center fuses bonds amongst the arts & fosters radically new experiences for contemporary audiences.

  • Artists in Residence

    The Mitchell Center for the Arts invites dynamic contemporary artists for interdisciplinary residencies on a semester basis. Residencies vary in length and type based on the project and artist. If the Mitchell Center is seen as the laboratory for artistic experimentation, these residencies are for the reagents, the new catalysts introduced into the mixture. The residencies provide an opportunity for a new dynamic reaction and what is produced is always a profound and welcome surprise.

    Past featured artists include Terry & Jo Harvey Allen, Philip Glass, Liz Lerman, ETHEL, Fritz Haeg, Big Dance Theater, The Art Guys, Ronald K. Brown, Negativland, Ridge Theater (commission), Dick Hebdige, Mark Doty, Joan Tower, The Center for Land Use Interpretation (commission), Marc Bamuthi Joseph, SIMPARCH (commission), and Jeremy Deller.

  • Scholarships

    The Mitchell Center offers scholarships on an annual basis to graduate students in Art, Creative Writing, Music, and Theatre whose work or area of interest lies in cross-disciplinary collaboration. The Center also supports an annual Curatorial Fellowship position at Blaffer Art Museum.