The Light Surgeons is a collective of pioneering multimedia artists founded in 1995 by creative director Christopher Thomas Allen, based in East London.

It now functions as an media arts production company which develops new work in a diverse range of mediums; print, photography, motion graphics, digital film production, exhibitions, installations and ground breaking live audio visual performances. They are best known for their Live Cinema performances, in which VJing is combined with a narrative and original music, to create fragmented documentary-based performances.

Recently, The Light Surgeons have been based their live cinema performances on specific locations. Such as 2007 EMPAC commission of “True Fictions” based on Troy, NY.  Or “LDN-REDUX” a 2011multichannel performance that explores the landscape and architecture of London. The Mitchell Center has invited The Light Surgeons to Houston for the US premiere of “SuperEverything*”, their new live cinema performance that explores the relationship between identity, ritual and place in Malaysia.

As part of their residency at the Mitchell Center, Christopher Thomas Allen, Creative Director of the Light Surgeons, will explore the theme of Energy in anticipation of a future new Houston-based commission.

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Nov 9-10, 2012 – SuperEverything*