May 1, 6-9pm

A culminating event of the spring semester, un/seen offers the public a chance to view final projects by students in the Mitchell Center’s Collaboration Among the Arts class. Under the guidance of professor Nick Flynn, students have developed group projects centered around the idea of what it means to be seen, and what remains unseen.

Voice of the Homeless
This piece is part of a light projection project that has been displayed in Houston’s public spaces. By capturing the handwritten texts of those who are without a home and providing a platform to which their voice may be heard–we seek to explore ideas of civic permission and visibility.
ARTISTS: Jessica Crute, Christine Gwosdz, Edna Narvaez, David Tomas Martinez

The Jazz Project explores the oft-forgotten, slowly-disappearing Houston jazz scene, attempting to create art work from the use of images and videos gathered from various gigs and interviews with some of Houston’s jazz legends. The combination of these mediums, plus the generation of creative work inspired by the project, combine to create a view of the local jazz scene unlike any that has been seen before.
ARTISTS: Elizabeth Winston, Justin Carter, Julia Hester

Slovenly Butterflies
An internal investigation searching for what it means to be “feminine” in our world today.
ARTISTS: Pamela Buszek, Katherine Robb, Saharah Pecot

The Beauty of a Tortured Mind
Belle Gunness murdered over forty people in her lifetime then disappeared under the guise of death. Walk through an installed landscape that explores a life shrouded in mystery, manipulation and deliberate invention.
ARTISTS: Megan Harrington, Michelle Perez, Mica Rodriguez, Crystal Vega

LOCATION: Box 13 ArtSpace, 6700 Harrisburg Blvd