November 30 & Dec 1, 2007

You Are Here: A two day conference featuring contemporary artists working with mapping and tactical media. Featuring Center for Land Use Interpretation, Matt McCormick, Institute for Applied Autonomy and Nato Thompson, You Are Here is co-presented with Aurora Picture Show.

The map is a device of multiple powers. What happens when this device is purposely redirected by artists? Currently there is tremendous momentum amongst the fields of art, activism, geography and cultural studies. For example, associating the fields of cartography and art can lead to new forms of tourism, overwrite official boundaries with local ecologies, expose governmental secrets and generate new ways of experiencing and understanding our physical environment.

Future So Bright: Live
Friday, November 30, PERFORMANCE
Matt McCormick, Filmmaker

Experimental Geography
Saturday, December 1 CONFERENCE
Nato Thompson, Chief Curator, Creative Time

Terminal Air
Institute for Applied Autonomy, Artist Collective

Points of Disinterest in the Gulf Coast Region
Matthew Coolidge, Director, Center For Land Use Interpretation