Aaron Landsman


Photo credit: dabfoto

Artist in Residence Aaron Landsman, known for his adventurous site specific theater events, spends 2012 developing two new projects in Houston.

Along with Mallory Catlett and Jim Findlay, Landsman presents City Council Meeting, a national project focused on “performed participatory democracy.” Combining transcripts from government meetings in several cities, as well as original writing and a surprise ending, City Council Meeting reveals the city we make each night by performing it. This work is created anew in each city where it is presented, with the help of local actors, activists, politicians, and other citizens. The Houston City Council Meeting is co-presented with DiverseWorks. For more information on City Council Meeting see the project site.

Landsman also directed a contemporary production of The Frogs by Aristophanes, using a new adaptation by Director of the Center for Creative Work, Dr. John Harvey. The Frogs was part of the annual Dionysia festival offered by the Center for Creative Work at the University of Houston Honors College, and Landsman served as the first guest director for the Dionysia, now in its fourth year. For an archive of poetic updates on the development of The Frogs, see Dr. Harvey’s project blog.

This residency marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership between the Mitchell Center and DiverseWorks to develop and present new performances by groundbreaking interdisciplinary artists.

Aaron Landsman lives in Brooklyn, NY and makes theater for many kinds of spaces. His sited work and stage plays have been commissioned and produced in several cities including Oslo, Minsk, New York, Detroit, and Lund. Also an actor, Landsman has performed with Elevator Repair Service Theater since 2004 and appeared in the work of many directors and choreographers. He teaches workshops for artists nationwide and has also been an advocate for colleagues in Belarus and Turkey, whose freedom of expression is under threat.  Landsman is a 2010 Artist in Residence at HERE, in New York City. His ongoing project Appointment will have installments in Berlin and Austin.

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