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Media Archeology Festival: Live and Televised

April 17 - April 19, 2008

The Mitchell Center co-presents Aurora Picture Show's fifth annual Media Archeology Festival 08: Live and Televised featuring multimedia artists who incorporate audio/visual technology with live performance. Each of the performers uses pre-recorded video and audio to create a mise-en-scène of projected sets, props, and environments--sometimes creating a stage, a soundscape, or an entire cast.

The festival kicks off with a performance by legendary culture jammers Negativland, returning to Houston for the first time in eight years. Animator and performer Brent Green takes over the second night with live narration and music (by Brent Green, Howe Gelb and Jeremy Gara) to accompany Green's stop- animation films, and video and performance artists Tara Mateik and Shana Moulton round out the closing night of the festival. Curated by Andrea Grover and Nick Hallett

LOCATIONS: DiverseWorks Art Space, the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, and Rice University

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