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Artist in Residence

Terry Allen & Jo Harvey Allen


The inaugural Artists in Residence at the Mitchell Center were Terry Allen & Jo Harvey Allen. Terry Allen, an internationally recognized visual artist, writer, and musician with strong Texas roots, and his wife Jo Harvey Allen, an actress and monologist, spent six weeks in-residence at the Mitchell Center. Their residency coincided with Terry Allen's exhibition at the Blaffer Museum and the Mitchell Center’s first inaugural performance, DUGOUT III: WARBOY (and the backboard blues). A musical theatre piece written and directed by multi-disciplinary artist Terry Allen, which featured original music by Terry Allen, Richard Bowden, and Lloyd Maines, and starred veteran actress Jo Harvey Allen. DUGOUT III: WARBOY (and the backboard blues) is the third component of Terry Allen's epic DUGOUT series, which began in 1994 as an audio drama for National Public Radio and imparts a sweeping, non-linear narrative about the "Man," a minor league baseball player from St. Louis who meets, falls in love with and marries the much younger "Woman," a barrelhouse piano player from the mid-west. DUGOUT III conveys the curious tale of the couple’s surprising and unexpected son.

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