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Big Dance Theater: The Other Here

May 2 & May 3

Led by visionary and longtime collaborators Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar, Big Dance Theater presents a fearless new work for the companys Houston premiere, The Other Here. The piece elegantly weaves together striking visual design with traditional Okinawan dance, contemporary Okinawan pop music, the short stories of Masuji Ibuse, and transcripts from an annual gathering of life insurance salesmen.

Suffused with artistry and wit, The Other Here takes us on a journey through a dreamlike landscape where cultures exist in global free fall. This production includes set design by Takeshi Kata, video by Peter Flaherty, lighting by Jennifer Tipton, sound by Jane Shaw, and costumes by Claudia Stephens.

The Mitchell Center for the Arts will present two free performances of this dynamic new performance work, which recently premiered at the Japan Society in New York City.

Location: Wortham Theatre, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Building, University of Houston

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