Word Becomes Flesh: the remix

Premiere: Space, Land and Time: Underground Adventures with Ant Farm

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
1001 Bissonnet between Main & Montrose
Brown Auditorium Theater

May 24-28, 2011

Directed by Laura Harrison and Elizabeth Federici
(USA, 2010, 78 min.)
Tuesday-Thursday, May 24-26, 1:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 25, 7:00 p.m.
*Friday, May 27, 7:00 p.m.

The first independent video documentary to delve into the work of the renegade 1970s art/architecture collective Ant Farm, best known for its iconic land-art piece Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas (shown above). Radical architects, video pioneers, and mordantly funny cultural commentators, the Ant Farmers created a body of deeply subversive work that questioned everything by posing a set of creative and comedic alternatives.

*Both filmmakers in attendance!

UH Moores Concert Chorale Performing David White’s Latest Composition at Floriège Vocal de Tours

Read more about the chorale’s upcoming international performance at the exclusive festival and competition Floriège Vocal de Tours in Tours, France here.


Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency


OCTOBER 10 – 30 (application deadline: May 20, 2011)

NICK FLYNN, poetry/memoir
ROSCOE MITCHELL, music composition
ALEXIS ROCKMAN, visual arts


Since 1982, Atlantic Center’s residency program has provided artists from all artistic disciplines with spaces to live, work, and collaborate during three-week residencies. Located just four miles from the east coast beaches of central Florida, the pine and palmetto wooded environment contains award-winning studios that include a resource library, painting studio, sculpture studio, music studio, dance studio, black box theater, writers’ studio, and digital computer lab. Each residency session includes three master artists of different disciplines. The master artists each personally select a group of associates – talented, emerging and midcareer artists – through an application process administered by ACA. During the residency, artists participate in informal sessions with their group, collaborate on projects, and work independently on their own projects. The relaxed atmosphere and unstructured program provide considerable time for artistic regeneration and creation. Atlantic Center for the Arts provides housing (private room/bath with work desk), weekday meals (provided by ACA chef) and 24-hour access to shared studio space. Limited Financial Aid is available to qualified applicants.

For more information on how to apply, please visit www.atlanticcenterforthearts.org, or email  program@atlanticcenterforthearts.org or telephone ACA at (386) 427-6975 or (800) 393-6975 (domestic US only).

All applications must be postmarked by the application deadline date.

Photo: Artists from Residency #140 on the deck of ACA’s Pugh Sculpture Studio. Photo by Rachel Sonnenshine.


Upcoming 2012 Residency Opportunities (online soon):

Residency #144


(Application deadline: October 21, 2011)

ELIZABETH HAND, sci-fi/fantasy

LIZ LERMAN, choreography

TJ WILCOX, visual arts

Tex Hex Sneak Peeks

Can’t make it to Saturday’s Tex Hex screening? Grab your radios tuned to 87.7FM for exclusive sneak peeks of Tex Hex tonight Tuesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 19.

MAY 17, 8:30PM
Prescient looks at a decaying techno-future from an ideological past with works by Cyprien Gaillard, Bradley Eros, Marianna Milhorat and Pavel Medvedev.
LOCATION: Guadalupe Park, 301 S. Jensen Dr at Buffalo Bayou, free parking at Talento Bilingue de Houston


MAY 19, 8:30PM
A quartet of filmic meditations on the petro-chemical landscapes of the west, with works by Emily Richardson, Deborah Stratman, Alain Resnais and Peter Mettler.
LOCATION: Buffalo Bayou by the corner of Nance & West, 2300 Nance

Don’t miss local coverage from swamplot, CultureMap, PR enthusiast Cosmopolitician and more.

Havel Ruck Projects Update

Check out the latest on the collaborative duo of Havel Ruck Projects as reported by Douglas Britt.

If you went on google today, you might have seen the results of this animation process.
Dance vocabulary by Martha Graham, directed by Janet Eilber and danced by me, Blakeley White-McGuire!
Animation by Ryan Woodward.


Texas-based musicians explore their visual side at ArtCar Museum show

The Art Car Museum’s current show Musicians Who Make Art presents works by musicians who also explore and reveal their “visual intelligence” in the forms of painting, sculpture, and installation art.

Marc Bamuthi Joseph has words with Atlanta

Read abut his spoken word collaboration with the Atlanta Ballet creating a dialogue between the city’s past and present here and watch a rehearsal excerpt of HOME OF THE BRAVE, a section from Amy Seiwert’s HOME IN 7. Part of IGNITION: New Choreographic Voices.

Extremely Shorts 14 Film Festival Call for Entries

Extremely Shorts Film Festival Screenings and the Closing Party Picnic are scheduled for June 17 – 18, 2011. The early deadline for submissions is April 29th, with the late deadline being May 10th.  Audience Choice cash awards are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Check out Aurora Picture Show for more information.

Applicants are asked to review all the submission guidelines and fill out a submission form.



    Breadth on View, Depth in Mind

    Art advocate Paul Klein, and the moving and challenging words of Chicago artist Titus O’Brien about ArtChicago.

    This is the heart of the matter — art, truly, is not a commercial proposition. This is not “idealism.” This is the truth. Art is life and death, nothing less. When it is less than that, it isn’t art. Money is only one form of value, often acting merely as representative for more profound ones. True art patrons know this — therefore, they look to patronize art that clues us in on our fundamental humanity and core values. Artists are not entertainers. We’re not fantasists. Richard Tuttle said only art can show the truth of our existence. I don’t disagree. Ad Reinhardt called art commerce and art as entertainment a “suicide burlesque.” That phrase crossed my mind more than once last Friday, strolling the fair. A carnival of the frivolous. I don’t have the time. None of us really do.

    100 Creatives: Mary Magsamen

    Check out IART faculty and Aurora Picture Show curator Mary Magsamen as one of the Houston Press 100 Creatives.

    And don’t miss MEASURED at Lawndale Art Center on view April 22 – June 4 featuring Artist Studio Program residents Hillerbrand+Magsamen, Daniel McFarlane and Anthony Thompson Shumate.

    Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s videos, photographs and installations reinterpret the people, activities and objects of their everyday life and engage the edge between the heroic and tragic. They navigate perceptions of identity, emotion and family within a uniquely American subjectivity. Their experimental short video, Elevated Landscape, shot on location at Lawndale, looks at suburban lawns as identity for families as well as the social and environmental impact. House/hold is a photographic series of portraits of the artist’s family set in surreal settings and interactions.

    Tower Ring by Pauline Oliveros

    Oliver Ranch (Meet at Geyserville Park & Ride)
    Geyserville, CA
    Saturday, June 4, 4pm
    Sunday, June 5, 4pm

    Click here to purchase tickets or for more information

    The World Premiere of Tower Ring, a new work by legendary composer Pauline Oliveros will resonate the walls of the magnificent tower created by artist Ann Hamilton at the Oliver Ranch in Geyserville, California. The listening audience from their positions on the double Helix stairways will intimately experience vibrant sensations emanating from a rising and descending traditional orchestral gong. Didjeridu, choral voices, an eight story long wire instrument and shimmering bells will add to a tapestry of sounds that can only be experienced in this structure.

    Oliveros’ historic composition, commissioned by the Oliver Ranch Foundation, is keyed to the eight stories of the Tower by a rising and descending gong and tiny bells played by audience members. In addition to the voices of members of the Cardew Choir directed by Tom Bickley, members of existing trios and quartets will be a part of the performance.

    Performers include Chris Chafe *  Stuart Dempster * Renko Dempster * David Gamper * Brenda Hutchinson * Ione * George Marsh * Pauline Oliveros * Christopher Pilafian
    Jennifer Wilsey * The Cornelius Cardew Choir directed by Tom Bickley * Students of Mills College

    The performances will benefit Deep Listening Institute, Ltd., a not-for profit organization that fosters a unique approach to music, literature, art and meditation, and promotes innovation among artists and audience in creating, performing, recording and educating with a global perspective.


    The American West as Classroom, Art and Metaphor


    This is your first official announcement for Lawndale Art Center’s biggest show of the year: THE BIG SHOW. Artists living within 100 miles of Houston are invited to submit their artwork for a chance to be included in the show and a shot at one of three cash prizes. Click here to download the entry form.

    We are counting down now with only 5 weeks left until TEDxHouston 2011. There are some exciting speaker and sponsor announcements on the horizon so please keep an eye out for more news in the coming weeks.

    In the meantime, we’re continuing to challenge our community to consider the question: Where do we go from here? We want you to think about how you can leverage the connections made possible by where you are and where you’ve come from. Consider where we are as a society, and where we’re all headed.

    Are you ready for what’s next? Have you applied yet? We cannot wait to hear from you!

    TEDxHouston aims to reach a diverse audience and create opportunities to meet fellow Houstonians who are also passionate about the power of ideas to create positive change. If you know others who you’d like to attend, please forward this link. It wouldn’t be a community powered event without your help!

    TEDxHouston | TEDFacebookTwitter

    Student Spotlight: Chuck Ivy

    by Bree Edwards

    Chuck Ivy, a 2nd year Master of Fine Arts student in the Interdisciplinary Practices & Emerging Forms (IPEF) at the School of Art, came to the University of Houston with a background in music, computer science and photography. Ivy is blazing a trail of firsts within the Arts at UH.  He is the first graduate student in the IPEF program and also the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Texas Learning & Computation Center Visualization Lab (TLC²) where he is researching 3D visualization technology for the creation of art.

    Ivy describes himself a “new media, research artist”. He explains, “new media art is a moving target, each year there’s something new, and some new technology to make it. So a big part of my artistic practice is the ability to teach myself new technologies as they are needed.” While working with faculty from the School of Art last semester on sound art and interactive environments, a new format for artistic collaboration emerged. Working with Arts Professor Abinadi Meza, Ivy created an online radio station for sharing sound art; such as spoken word, field recordings, “noise” and other experimental music. This personal radio project expanded this semester, and the station he created with Professor Meza is the platform for the course ‘Collaboration Among the Arts: Transmission Arts’. This class is part of the IART curriculum offered by the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, which emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration between students.  About the collaborative experience Ivy says, “I can work with another creative student, with different skills and interests, and what we create together has the potential for being so much more than either of us could have done individually.” Ivy’s student leadership was acknowledged by a Scholarship from the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts.

    Upon graduation, Ivy would like to teach new media art at the University level, while also working with local arts organizations in Houston such as Aurora Picture Show, Houston Center for Photography, Fotofest, and Lawndale Art Center. He will present his 3D artistic research from the TLC² Artist in Residence reception on May 6 at 6:00PM in the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, Wortham Theatre lobby.