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City Soundscapes Series

An outdoor music series featuring a range of performers. Experience sounds and images under the stars and the Downtown Houston skyline. In collaboration with The Buffalo Bayou Partnership.

October 11
Taylor McFerrin & RAHJ

McFerrin seamlessly builds songs from scratch with his intricate solo performance of samples, vocals and beatboxing. Rooted in 1960s Soul music, he provides us with a window to his vision of Hip Hop’s future. RAHJ, McFerrin’s live band will accompany.

November 15
SONA: Wind, Rain and Trains Kurt Stallmann and Alfred Guzzetti and Enso String Quartet

SONA fuses environmental sounds and images culled from Houston's industrial landscape. Freight train horns and rumbling is juxtaposed with the rhythms of falling rain and the gusting wind of passing storms, surround the audience in a total sensory experience. Presented in collaboration with the Aurora Picture Show.

December 6
DeKam vs Nalepa

A site specific performance beneath the Sabine St bridge along the Buffalo Bayou. Video Artist Johnny DeKam teams up with electronic composer Steve Nalepa to create an evening of moving abstract visuals and electro- ambient 'left-coast liquid' music in this unique architectural environment.

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